Billyboy (A Clockwork Orange)

Billy Boy

Billy Boy is a minor antagonist from the 1962 novel and 1971 film A Clockwork Orange.

He was portrayed by Richard Connaught.


In the beginning of both the novel and film, Billy Boy was the leader of his gang who were rivals with Alex's Droogs. They were first introduced getting ready to rape a young girl until Alex and his men interfered and the young girl made her escape. The gangs engaged in battle and Billy Boy and his men were quickly defeated by Alex and his men. Two years later (in the novel), Billy Boy was now a member of the police force along with Dim (Alex's fellow droog) who got their revenge on Alex for all the torment he caused them two years earlier.


  • In the novel, Billy Boy and his men were about to rape a 10 year old girl, but in the film, the female victim was in her late teens.