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Billy Billions is a villain in Ben 10: Omniverse. He is Ben's childhood rival, but only in his delusion, Ben was even unaware that Billy existed.


Billy is a spoiled brat and is extremely jealous of Ben. He has a major superiority complex. He's also somewhat of a whiner and makes excuses for whenever he fails or cannot solve a problem. He is very conceited about his own so-called genius and does not think of any long-term or even short-term consequences of his actions.


Billy looks like a normal eleven-year-old human boy. He has a large forehead, and black hair which is styled like devil's horns. He has not aged in any way for 5 years since his entrapment due to the halting of aging of any biological life that enters Dimension 12.


Powers and Abilities

Billy has a genius intellect, specializing in robotics.

Billy is immune to time.

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