There are things that never change, no matter how hard you try; questions you must answer. As Meagan Foster faded from the world, Billie Lurk stepped from her shadow, setting out to discover her truest self, and seeking the closest thing she'd ever known to family...
~ The Outsider at the end of Dishonored 2, only if Meagan survives.
Billie Lurk is the main antagonist in the Dishonored DLC The Knife of Dunwall. She returns as a supporting character in Dishonored 2, now called Meagan Foster, and is the main protagonist of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Bille is a member of The Whalers and the second-in-commandand of their leader Daud. She assists Daud in his missions and gives him information about his surroundings. However, Billie secretly teamed up with Delilah Copperspoon to defeat Daud and take over the organization but failed.

She is voiced by Kristy Wu in Dishonored and by Rosario Dawnson in Dishonored 2.



Billie Lurk was born on the 2nd day of the Month of Hearths in 1813 and grew up in Dunwall, spending her early years in the house of her alcoholic mother. She fled from home, starting an amateur career of theft and assassination to avoid working as a mudlark or child prostitute. She hoped to one day leave such work behind to become a ship captain.

Lurk started to befriend a fellow street kid, Deidre, and started a romantic relationship with her. One day, the two walked through the streets when they landed in front of the carriage carrying the two sons of the Duke of Serkonos. After the two boys left the carriage, the elder one, Luca, goaded his younger brother Radanis into attacking the women, as they were only street trash. Radanis struck Deidre into the head with a wooden cane, killing her. Furious, Lurk broke an ornamental wooden gazelle from the carriage and drove it into Radanis' eye, killing him.

Now a wanted fugitive, Lurk was hunted by both the City Watch and a batallion of the Grand Serkonan Guard, sent to Dunwall by the Duke to avenge the death of his son. Lurk was shunned, as everyone knew that helping her was a risk.

One night, Billie witnessed Daud complete a triple-assassination and was so fascinated by his skill that she decided to follow him. Daud, aware of her presence, allowed Billie to trail him to his base of operations before confronting her. Impressed by her skill and courage in the face of likely demise, Daud spared Billie's life and offered her the opportunity to train with him.

Billie eventually rose to Daud's second-in-commandant, believing that both of them knew that at one point she would be the one to take over the organization from Daud.

The Knife of Dunwall

During The Knife of Dunwall, Billie accompanies Daud on all his missions, providing him with information about the surroundings and oppurtunities. She informs Daud about the interrogation room and the shipping crate in Rothwild Slaughterhouse, providing the room for Daud to torture Bundry Rothwild. While fleeing the compound she is caught by three Overseers and Daud has to rescue her before the two of them leave the area.

During Daud's attack on Barrister Timsh Lurk reveals to Daud that they had intended an attack on Timsh anyhow as Timsh had many enemies. During the misison, Lurk waits on a roof on the building next to Timsh's mansion. Should Daud visit the Outsider Shrine in the area Lurk appears next to him, stating that she always wondered how the Outsider smells and whether he asks questions.

After Daud returns from Timsh's mansion, he finds out that Overseers led by Overseer Hume have attacked the headquarters. In low chaos, Lurk is the one to warn Daud about the Overseers, in high chaos she is absent and a random assassin takes her place. Daud is forced to free the captured assassins and take down Hume. After this is done, Daud and his remaining assassins meet up in front of the headquarters. There, Lurk arrives, dependent on the chaos level either claiming that she was occupied fighting Overseers elsewhere or confessing that she was the one to reveal the location of Daud’s hideout to the Overseers, planning to murder Daud in the chaos to take his place. She now either starts a duel with Daud witch determines the leadership of the Whalers, or surrenders herself to Daud to decide her fate. In both cases Daud can either spare her, causing her to flee Dunwall on a boat, or kill her. Canonically, Daud lets her go and Lurk promises to herself that she will never return to Dunwall. By leaving Daud's side, Lurk also loses her powers.

New Life

Deeply regretting her betrayal, Lurk heads to Karnaca where she starts a new life under the name Meagan Foster. After buying a ship which she calls "Dreadful Wale", an anagram for "Farewell Daud", she makes a living by transporting people around the Isles. Eventually, Meagan is joined by Anton Sokolov, who has left his life in Dunwall behind him. Sokolov starts living aboard the Dreadful Wale and swiftly becomes a father figure for Meagan. Meagan also befriended wealthy mine baron Aramis Stilton and occasionally visited him in his mansion at the Dust District.

The night Deliah was called forth from the void, Meagan visited her friend Aramis Stilton at his manor. Unbeknownst to her, Duke Luca Abele used Stilton's manor that night to perform a séance, successfully pulling Delilah's spirit from the void and resurrecting her. Stilton, who had witnessed this, had gone insane as he was unable to comprehend what he saw. When Meagan arrived at Stilton's manor after the séance had been performed, she found the mansion swarming with the Grand Serkonan Guard. Intending to find out what happened to her friend, Meagan infiltrated the mansion but was caught mid-way. Although she was able to escape, the fight against the Guard cost her her right arm and eye and, additionally, she never found out what happened to Stilton.

When Sokolov started to unravel a conspiracy against Empress Emily Kaldwin, he started to investigate further. This gained him the attention of the conspirators who sent the Crown Killer to abduct Sokolov. Meagan followed the Crown Killer until Addermire Institute where she lost her trace. Meagan then travelled to Dunwall, intending to warn Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin of the looming coup but came too late, Delilah had already taken over Dunwall Tower and turned either Corvo or Emily into stone, leaving the other to flee Dunwall.

Dishonored 2

During the coup, either Corvo or Emily escapes Dunwall Tower and flees into the city, eventually arriving at Meagan Foster's Dreadful Wale. Once the protagonist boards the ship, Meagan reveals how she intended to warn Emily and Corvo. She then transports the protagonist to Karnaca, where he or she starts unraveling the conspiracy against Emily.

Arriving in Karnaca, Meagan sends the protagonist to find Sokolov. The Dreadful Wale acts as a headquarter for the protagonist, with Foster using a smaller skiff to transport him or her to various locations in Karnaca. Foster firstly delivers the protagonist to the Campo Seta Dockyard and later picks him or her up from Addermire Institute. After the protagonist has found out that Sokolov is being held at Kirin Jindosh's Clockwork Mansion, Fosters drives him or her in the skiff to the Aventa District. After Sokolov is saved, Meagan picks up the two and returns them to the Dreadful Wale.

From Sokolov, Meagan and the protagonist learn that Breanna Ashworth is part of Delilah's conspiracy. Meagan drives the protagonist to Cyria Gardens where Ashworth is located. While driving the skiff, Meagan reveals to the protagonist that she once knew Delilah and Breanna - refering to the time when she betrayed Daud. When the protagonist returns, Meagan implies that she has done things she is not proud of but does not go into detail.

When the protagonist decides to search for Aramis Stilton at his manor, he or she meets Meagan in the Dust District before. There, Meagan reveals information on the different groups in the District to the protagonist. Meagan also reveals that she went searching for Stilton the night he disappeared, losing her arm and eye in the process. Inside the manor, the protagonist meets the insane Stilton and is greeted by the Outsider who reveals that the Void is leaking into the mansion. The protagonist is also presented with a time piece, a device that allows him or her to jump through time back to the evening the séance was held at the mansion. If the protagonist knocks out Stilton in the past, this creates an alteration in the present. As the knocked out Stilton has not witnessed the séance, he has therefore not gone insane and Meagan had no reason to search for him. Thus, Meagan will have her eye and arm back once the protagonist returns to the Dreadful Wale.

After all enemies in Karnaca are eliminated, the Dreadful Wale returns to Dunwall. Before the protagonist leaves the ship via skiff, he has the chance to talk to Foster. In low chaos, she will reveal her past to the protagonist, admitting her part in the assassination of Jessamine. The protagonist can either condemn her, calling her a monster, or claim that she has changed. Meagan can also be killed at that time. In high chaos, Meagan will not reveal her past to the protagonist but can be killed nonetheless. Additionally, Meagan can be pickpocketed, revealing the key to her chambers. There, the protagonist can find a diary, also revealing Meagan's backstory. If the protagonist then heads up to the deck to confront Meagan, she will have vanished.

If Meagan survives, the Outsider reveals that she has dropped her Meagan Foster identity and returned to being Billie Lurk. The Outsider also implies that she will go on a quest to find Daud.


The Knife of Dunwall


  • If Lurk is spared, Daud can find a letter of her at the beginning of The Brigmore Witches.
  • Despite working with Delilah to accomplish their mutual goals, Billie does not appear to respect her - when the two meet at the end of The Surge, Billie either argues with Delilah (low chaos), or commands her to be silent (high chaos)
  • Billie's Windblast-like scream and her ability to shoot shadowy darts from her wrist are powers commonly used by the Brigmore Witches.
  • If Meagan is killed in Dishonored 2's final mission and her corpse is delivered to Sokolov, he will break down in grief. Similarly, Meagan will be utterly horrified and shocked if Sokolov's corpse is brought to her.