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Bill Slank

Bill Slank, otherwise known as Slank, is a major antagonist featured in Peter and the Starcatcher.

The Broadway Play

Slank is a ruthless pirate who has been abandoned by his mother at a young age and is intent on getting his hands on a trunk containing magic dust, which Molly Aster, daughter of a lord, must protect.

He runs his ship, The Never Land, with an iron fist and forces the children enslaved on his desk to work against their will. One of the boys is the main protagonist.

Slank first displays his true evil when he captures Molly and locks her and her nanny, Mrs. Bumbrake, in the ship's hold. He owns a pet cat who is just as wicked as he is and he and his thugs set sail for Rundoon to get his treasure.

The evil pirate also displays his true nature when he tortures one of the sailors with a branding iron. He locks the boy, Peter, and his friends Teddy and Prentiss with Molly. The friends soon escape, but Slank ambushes Peter, grabs him up, and throws him overboard. Luckily, Molly saves Peter and when Slank comes across the wicked Black Stache, who is to become Captain Hook later in the play, they battle for the chest.

Soon, a storm rages and when Slank makes a final attempt to grab the trunk, Mrs. Bumbrake throws his cat on his face, causing him to tumble over the side of the ship, where he winds up as shark food.

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