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The man lying dead in the dirt who the good people of Daughtrey saw fit to elect as their sheriff, who went by the name of Bill Sharp is actually a wanted outlaw by the name of Willard Peck. With a price on his head of 200 dollars.
~ Dr. King Schultz about Sharp

Bill Sharp is a minor antagonist in the movie "Django Unchained".

He is portrayed by Don Stroud.


Before having been elected sheriff of Daughtrey, Texas under the name Bill Sharp, he was a criminal called Willard Peck who was rustling cattle. When Schultz and Django enter a bar in Daughtrey the alarmed barkeeper quickly calls the sheriff. Upon his arrival Sharp calls both of them outside where he asks them how they dare come into his town and start trouble. While he talks, he gets shot into the stomach by Schultz. Sharp falls to the ground screaming and gets killed by Schultz with a shot to the head.

After negotiating with the Marshall, Schultz collects the bounty of $200 put on Sharp's head.


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