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Bill Roberts is the main antagonist of the 1989 horror movie Intruder. He is an co-leader at a supermarket, where Danny is the leader. He is angered as Danny wants to sell the store, because they don't earn enough money. He claims that the store is his life and he can't let anyone sell it, so he reveals his true nature as a psychothic maniac who will will kill anyone willing to cross him. As he and Danny argue, he angrily leaves and is not seen during the time an unseen assailant kills all the employees one by one, leaving Jennifer the sole survivor. As she panicks, Bill appears again and reveals himself as the killer before stalking Jennifer through the store, claiming that he will kill her and put all the blame on Jennifer's ex-boyfriend Craig. However, she fights back using several items in the store, slowing him before he catches up to her again. Bill is finally killed by Craig while he tries to kill Jennifer in the phone booth, being hacked to death.

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