Bill Lumbergh is the main antagonist to the movie Office Space.

He is portrayed by Gary Cole.


Lumbergh is known to micromanage and often asks his employees, such as Peter Gibbons, to come in to work on Saturdays. He is obsessed with making sure all the office's paperwork (such as TPS reports) is done perfectly, no matter how pointless it may be. His character is known for saying "What's happening?" as a greeting, and when telling an employee they're going to have to do something undesirable starting his sentences with, "m' yeah, I'm gonna need you to" or "if you could just go ahead and", as well as ending these requests with "That'd be great".

One interesting component of his style of communication is that he is very passive-aggressive and rarely pays attention to the person with whom he's speaking. In one example, Peter repeatedly says that he did get the memo, but Lumbergh finishes the "conversation" with "and I'll make sure you get another copy of the memo." In the midst of Peter trying one more time to assure Lumbergh that he has the memo, Lumbergh is already walking away, saying "thanks a bunch, Peter." Lumbergh assumes a position that there's nothing he needs to hear from his underlings, communicating for him is simply for the purpose of reinforcing the company position, and he is but a representative of the company position.

In another situation, when advising Peter that he needs to come in on the weekend, Peter never actually even says a word, whether he can, or has other plans, or whether he's willing to come in. But Lumbergh isn't "asking" him, nor is Lumbergh interested in the possibility that Peter might choose to say no. Again, Lumbergh walks away, assuming (naturally) that the message is clear and Peter will be showing up as directed.