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Bill Cox

Bill Cox 2

Full name
Bill Cox
Bill Redmond
Appeared in
Firewall (2006)
Potential employer to banker Jack Stanfield
Criminal mastermind; cunning; intolerant of failure
Force Jack Stanfield to electronically transfer $10,000 from the ten thousand largest depositors at the bank he works at to Cox's offshore accounts
Portrayed by
Paul Bettany
She has beautiful eyes... your daughter...
~ Bill Cox to Jack Stanfield

Bill Cox is the main antagonist in the 2006 thriller film Firewall.

He is portrayed by Paul Bettany.


Cox is a scheming con man who holds the family of wealthy banker Jack Stanfield hostage, forcing Jack to give in to his demands for much of the film. His ultimate goal is to force Jack to transfer $10,000 each from the ten thousand largest depositors at the bank he works at. Once Jack is of no further use to him, he abducts his family and leaves one of his henchmen behind to kill Jack. Instead, Jack kills the henchman with a glass blender and locates Cox and his remaining henchmen through a chip in his dog's collar (who was taken along with his family).

Jack finds Cox in an old abandoned lakeside house where Cox was intending to erase all traces of his actions by killing Jack's family, and taking him by surprise, he and Cox fight. Eventually, Jack grabs a pickaxe lying near the front of the house and swings it over his head, the blade burying itself deep within Cox's back, killing him.

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