Bill Compton is the lead male and deuteragonist in "True Blood", who becomes a main antagonist after causing bombings on the TruBlood factories causing Mainstream Vampires to have no choice but to feed on humans instead of co-existing with them.

He was portrayed by Stephen Moyer.


He came to this though because of his belief in the Vampire Bible, with this, he lost his sanity, and became very dangerous, drank from the blood of Lilith and began to see things her way, he would eliminate other Members of the Authority, for the hallucination he believes Lilith only wanted him to lead vampires into the new age. He tricked a 2000 year old vampire named Salome into drinking what was thought to be the blood of Lilith in which it turned out to be a veil which he laced with silver making Salome sick, in which he stakes her immediately, since she is weakened with silver inside her.

He would than drink the actual blood of lilith which he kept for himself, than seemingly die and melt into a pool of blood only to rise back out of the pool of blood a much stronger Vampire than he was before.


  • Many consider Bill to be the primary antagonist of Season 5.
  • He was the secondary antagonist for a portion of Season 6.