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Bill the Demon


Bill is the titular protagonist villain of the online flash game "Bill The Demon" and is the sole playable character of the game who must travel across several mazes in Hell in order to achieve his ultimate goal, the autograph of Satan himself - few have made it to the lowest region of Hell and as such Bill would be able to gloat to the other demons over his success.. providing he survived long enough to do so, as getting their is no easy feat even for a minion of Hell.

Bill is a fairly stereotypical demon in design but has little in the way of magical powers, in fact all Bill can really do is emit a terrible roar that paralyses enemies and eat the souls of the damned: in fact Bill must continually devour souls in order to survive and will literally starve to death if he is not regularly fed - this ups the difficulty in the game as the player must not only guide Bill through ever-increasing mazes and avoid enemies but they must also ensure his hunger-gauge doesn't run out via having him eat souls, luckily for Bill damned souls are plentiful in Hell.