"You'll get more dizzy if you don't stop complaining!"
~ Bilingua yelling at her lizard assistant.

Bilingua is a green snake with the power of hypnosis. She has the power of hypnosis and tries to be queen of Ice World. She appears in the 1997 animated TV series "Tabaluga". She is actually a one-shot antagonist in at least one episode.


Queen For One DayEdit

The first victim in which Bilingua hypnotized is Happy. She tries to eat her when under her spell, but Tabaluga gets her out of her spell. Bilingua calls Arktos for a plan to get rid of Tabaluga. She offers Tabaluga and Happy to bring her a meal, but the two refuse to accept her request. She goes to Ice World and starts to use hypnosis on everyone, including Arktos. Bilingua becomes the queen of Ice World. She gets angry with them and tries to use hypnosis, but Tabaluga and Happy use a piece of ice at a mirror. With her eyes covered, she hypnotized herself and is unable to move. Though her future is unknown after her only appearance, it is unknown if she will return back to normal.