Biker(hotline miami)

Biker (also known as Helmet) is a character in 2012 video game Hotline Miami. He is both a boss enemy and playable character.

Hotline Miami

Chapter 7

Biker's first appearance in Chapter 7 - Neighbors. When the main character (Jacket) arrives at the phone company and enters the room where biker is in. Biker will attempt to get close to him to kill him and will occasionally throw his weapon at the main character.

After Jacket retrieves a golf club from the nearby golf bag and hit Biker twice, he will kneel over and fights for his life, Jacket bashes his head off with the golf club killing him.

After the main storyline

After beating Jacket's chapters, Biker becomes a playable character, just like Jacket he receives the same phonecalls. Unlike Jacket, Biker wants to find out who keeps sending messages and attempts to end his affiliation with the group. His investigation leads him to the phone company, and kills one to all unarmed workers and investigates company files. After that Jacket arrives to stop him, biker takes the upper hand and kills Jacket. Biker then travels to the mob headquarters where Jacket originally killed the mobster boss . Spotting the janitor biker follows him to the room full of masks and phones. It is reveals that two unnamed janitors were responsible for all killings. Depending on their actions, the player will be given one of two possible endings:

  • Standard ending: If Jacket hasn't collected all letters. Biker comforts janitors and janitors claim that they got bored and those phonecalls were nothing but entertainment.
  • Secret ending: If Jacket has collected all letters. Bike is able to guess the password for the computer system and discovers their true goals, janitors will explain that they want to destabilize Russo-American coalition by murdering Russian mafia, all under the direction of an American patriotic group known as 50 Blessings. The pair will explain that Biker signed up for this.

After that player may kill janitors or spare them. The Biker then leaves on his Motorcycle.


Not much known about biker's personality, but he appears more talkative and saner than Jacket. Also he has standards as he spares lives of some his targets, for example guy with pig mask and Chinese man in safe house.