Bigweed and Lil' Seaweed are 2 green, seaweed-like creatures and the true villains of the 1984 cartoon show Snorks.


Bigweed is a seaweed-like creature and has been the main antagonist of the Snorks series since Season 3. He has magic abilities, such as disguising himself as a snork or any other sea life. He seems to take over Snorkland and enslave the snorks, but always ends up being outwitted.


Bigweed is portrayed as being relatively cocky and sneaky, especially when it comes to getting what he wants. While he's portrayed as a villain, he does have a few soft spots (The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze, My Dinner With Allstar).


Bigweed is overweight and is covered in seaweed. He also has a large lime green nose accompanied with a large clam necklace.

He and Lil Seaweed are "partners" when it comes to villainy. However, they sometimes act like an old married couple and will often argue and bicker about various things such as their schemes. It has, however, been hinted that he might have some feelings for her (The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze).

Lil Seaweed

Lil Seaweed is a seaweed-like creature and the assistant antagonist to Bigweed from Season 3 forward. While she has magic abilities, she proves to not be very successful at portraying them. However, she can disguise herself as another snork. She's not only considered the dumb one of the villainy bunch, but is also outwhitted by her schemes like Bigweed.


Lil Seaweed is just as cocky as her partner Bigweed, but is a lot dumber than him. She has also been known to have a good side, often helping Daffney with her activities (Daffney's Ransom, The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze).


Lil Seaweed is overweight and covered in gobs of green seaweed. She also wears a red/pink bown on the top of her head, and has big red lips.



Bigweed's hair can cure bluenomia (Allstar's Last Hour)

He and Lil Seaweed created SNIP and SNAP (Snip and Snap)

He and Lil Seaweed often disguise themselves as other snorks to get where they want in their sneaky schemes (Daffney's Ransom, Reefberry Madness, The Day the Ocean Stood Still, The Snorkshire Spooking, Battle Of the Gadgets, Snork Ahoy)

He once invented a machine that turns snorks into babies (I'll Be Senior)

He shares an interest for greed with Junior (In Greed We Trust)

Bigweed and Lil Seaweed once took over as sherriffs for Snorkwood Forest as a way to get more snorks to mine and be starved to death (Robin Snork)

Bigweed also created the planet Seaturn, not realizing it's already a real planet in the world of the Snorks (The Day the Ocean Stood Still)

He has shown signs of affection for Lil Seaweed (The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze)

He can spray silly red stuff on reefberries to make snorks act silly before turning them into his slaves (Reefberry Madness)

He and Allstar have solved problems together (My Dinner With Allstar)

Just like Bigweed, Lil Seaweed's hair can also cure bluenomia (Allstar's Last Hour)

She helped create SNIP and SNAP (Snip and Snap)

She can disguise herself as other snorks or be really sneaky in order to get her way (Daffney's Ransom, Reefberry Madness, The Day the Ocean Stood Still, The Snorkshire Spooking, Battle Of the Gadgets, Snork Ahoy)

Her and Bigweed once took over Snorkwood Forest as Sheriffs and make the snorks work in the mines (Robin Snork)

Lil Seaweed has been associated with Seaturn twice - once when her and Bigweed "made it up" while also disguising themselves as local aliens, and second when her and Casey joined Molly on a journey through the actual planet named Seaturn - however, in the latter episode, she appears to have no recollection of the events that took place during the former(The Day the Ocean Stood Still and First Snork In Space respectively)

She loves shopping as well as manicures (Daffney's Ransom)

She has also partaken in trapeze flying alongside Daffney, and the two eventually helped each other to escape (The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze)

This has not been officially confirmed, but the Snorkland Social Services made Lil Seaweed start attending high school because she is supposed to be the same age as the main snorks - however, Snorkerella was the only instance in which she did attend high school

She has been known to have a thing for male snorks (The Snorkshire Spooking, Snorkerella)

Finally, a sea pirate once fell in love with her (First Snork In Space).