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Bigfoot is the main antagonist of the 2006 horror film known as Abominable - despite being based on Bigfoot the movie completely changes the cryptid's personality, as the real Bigfoot is believed to be a peaceful being (unless provoked): instead it seems to have the personality of the Yeti, a far more dangerous, bloodthirsty, and aggressive ape-creature from Himalayan myths.

It is likely that Bigfoot was chosen so as to allow the movie to be set in America, with the creators either deliberately making it more like the Yeti or simply deciding on a homicidal take on actual Bigfoot lore (much as horror movies do when making twisted takes on other folkloric characters like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy).


Bigfoot displayed the same superhuman strength and size of his folkloric counterpart, but also had a carnivorous appetite and an extremely vicious, predatory, and treacherous personality verging on malevolence: openly killing and even torturing sentient beings and being completely unreasonable in regards to such things. The monster seemingly exists purely to murder, devour and destroy anything in its path.

It is revealed near the end of the film that Bigfoot is part of an entire species that are equally ferocious (perhaps offspring).

Despite this, Bigfoot seems to be a solitary predator, which given how destructive, uncaring, and cruel it was in regards to others may well be part of the species' survival: much as many real-world predators hunt alone (or perhaps Bigfoot was a "rogue", it is never fully explained either way in-universe).

Unlike most ape cryptids reputed to exist in reality, Bigfoot (in this movie) was able to extend its jaws considerably and had an amazing biting pressure: capable of biting a human's head clean off: it also had extremely sharp fangs, in-keeping with being a violent and carnivorous hunter.

While real-world Bigfoot is believed to be timid and apprehensive, so he often flees from humans this version outright seeks human prey and will invade homes, destroying barriers and brutally dismembering anyone that dares try and fight back: only sudden noise (such as a car alarm) is shown to disturb it, even then only for a short while.



  • His vocal effects were provided by Frank Welker.
  • As well as the Yeti this take on Bigfoot shares qualities found in tales of the Wendigo, being a hairy bipedal monster with a near-limitless appetite for murder (and human flesh)
  • The creature seems to display a high amount of intelligence considering it managed to get to the satellite and remove and/or destroy it, so Preston and Amanda couldn't email the police for help.

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