Big Time

Charlie Bigelow aka Big Time.

Charlie " Big Time" Bigelow was Terry's childhood friend and a villain in the Batman Beyond TV series.


Charlie was sentenced to jail for 3 years after he and Terry took part in a robbery.

He was seen in season 3 episode "Big Time" when he was released from jail and his friend Terry got him a job at Wayne Enterprise but Bruce Wayne discovered Charlie's strange secret. When Charlie was on a heist he was infected by a cremstone which made him into a monster. After Terry a.k.a Batman defeated Charlie. Charlie was sentenced back to jail.

He returns in the season 3 episode "Betrayal". It was revealed that Charlie escapes from prison and he had a partner the major. Then he tries to get Terry to join his Gang. Then Charlie reveals that he wants to be normal again. After the major gets arrested. It was reveal that Charlie only wanted the major to get arrested so he can have his men work for him. He also lies that he doesn't want to be normal. Charlie tries to kill Terry. But Bruce comes in and save him. Terry suits up and becomes Batman to defeat Charlie. When Charlie tried to hold on Batman's leg, Charlie falls of the bridge. It's unknown if Charlie survived the fall.