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Big TallyWacker also know as "Big t" is the main antagonist of the starkid show Me and My Dick. He was ejected of a bar with Weenie. When he see Dick he played nice at the beginning with him when he grabbed Dick. Weenie told Dick shake his ball Dick refuse so Big t was forced to make shake his balls and laughed before throwing Dick on the floor. He tell Dick that was his place but when Weenie told him they maybe hurt Dick feeling they decide to acted nice for real. So they decide to take him on a place called the land of the dicks.

Later he see Dick was having fun but was little bit lost. when he told him what was wrong Dick told them it was nothing but Big T told him it was because of Pussy times and sex. After Dick agree with them he told them he has leaving his master Big T was in shock. He told he has leaving Joey that make Big T having a plan for be on a body again. Because when Dick told he has leaving his guy he planning to be Joey new dick. He also think when he go to be in his new master body he can get some pussies.

When Joey was taked to the land of the lost dicks Big T showed himself to Joey. Telling him if he was looking for a dick he was in the right place for have one. So he tries to convice Joey to pick him and let him take Dick place. The plan was working because Joey was convinced but at this moment Dick arrive and ruined the plan. When Joey reconized his real dick Big T tries one more time to get him by insulted Dick by saying he has leaving him and can't even screw. When Dick agree with him Joey was in shock but told him he do not want an other dick. So Big T understand Joey still love Dick but Weenie was angry after seing he has a change heart. He was knocked down by Weenie and taked away.

Later after Joey Dick and Miss Cooter leave. He see Gladis also named "The old Snatches" the pussies with who he have sex the first time before be cut off because he wanted to find her because he was in love with her. She was angry at him but he told her he was not leaving by choice and still love her and wanted to find her when he was again on his master. She forgive him and Big T grabbed the two flying ticket and the two lovers go for Venice.