Big Show is an American professional wrestler and is best known for his on going tenure in the WWF/E. He is the former World Heavyweight Champion on WWE's SmackDown! brand. He is also one of the most decorated wrestlers in the promotion's history, having won every single active male championship in the company, inherently making him a Grand Slam and Triple Crown Champion. Between his time in WCW and WWE, he has won a total of 23 titles. He is known to transition between a face and heel frequently.

Big Show is an American professional wrestler and is best known in the WWE/F. Also Billed as "The World's Largest Athlete", Wight initially came to prominence through his career in the now defunct WCW from 1995 until 1999, then known simply as The Giant.



  • He actually once spanked Stacy Keibler in her panties with her skirt pulled down.
    • The method of the spanking was rude as when the fans were cheering for Stacy, Big Show pulled her skirt, then he pulls her down and make her lie on her tie and finally he licks his palm and hits Stacy's buttocks which called better as spanking Stacy and drops her down
      • Also that way is like he was one of Stacy's teachers or parents as they spank girls like that.
  • He is also a friend of another wrestler who was his opponent sometimes.