Ronnie is the minor antagonist of The Haunted Hathaways.

He's the owner of the rival bakery in front of Michelle bakery. They are two competitor for see who will have full clients for stay in the town. Frankie was go in his bakery with Louie but he didn't notice she was talking alone. He go at Michelle disguise as a old women and tell Taylor about Michelle recipe. Taylor give him the recipe without knowing he was tricking her. When he got what he wanted taylor Frankie Miles and louie go confronting him. But Ronnie told Frankie and Taylor to leave without knowing Miles and Louie was there too. When the girls confronted him again. He told them he now knew what going on in their family and having ghosts. When tell Madame Leboeuf to step aside Ray and Louie show up and get trapped. Ronnie think he was winning but Miles was hide in Frankie show himself. Ronnie see Miles get angry and free his father and brother before possesed Mr. Muffiman. Big Ronnie get scare of Miles in his robotic mascot who menace him to leave the town and apologise to his family. Ronnie agree and run but pull the door for get out Miles told "is push not pull" Ronnie finally run away. But is unknow if he will be back or not for get his revenge.