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Big Red
Big Red is a despicable scumbag and murderer in the 1991 hit movie The Five Heartbeats.

He was played by Hawthorne James.

He is a despicable scumbag with no respect for those who work for him. He won't think twice about beating you senseless and trying to kill you if you ask to talk to him outside of his office hours, as he did to Bird of The Midnight Falcons. He is a ruthless, corrupt scumbag. The worst act he did though was when he killed Jimmy, The Five Heartbeats' manager. He goes to the funeral of this very man, and pretends to be sad and outright disrespects the family of the killed man. He tries to hit on Jimmy's wife. He's a despicable scumbag that got what he deserved.

The Five Heartbeats beatdown02:19

The Five Heartbeats beatdown


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