Big Mike is a gang leader in the Three Stooges short, Fright Night. He bet 100 grand on Gorilla Watson to beat Chopper "Muscle Manor" Kane in a boxer match. He sent his men to threaten Muscle's trainers (Moe, Larry, and Shemp) to make him lose the fight. The Stooges try to soften Chopper up by feeding him rich food and having him spend time with their friend Kitty. But at the night of the match, Muscle was furious after having a fight with Kitty and knowing she's going out with Gorilla. Shemp offered him a cream puff, but he smack it in his face. Shemp mourned for his cream puff, and Moe threw it at him, but he duck and the cream puff it Gorilla Watson. Due to his temper, he threw a punch at him. But he dodged, causing him to hit a brick wall. Gorilla's hand was busted and was force to throw the fight. As the Stooges thought they were in the clear, Big Mike and his men approached them. They took them to a warehouse to be shot. But Stooges managed to escape, and hold them up long enough to knock them all unconscious. The police came and had Big Mike and his gang arrested.