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Big Mean Carl is a shaggy monster who continued the proud tradition of Muppet characters with voracious appetites.

Although Carl made his first appearance in the 1992 Muppet Meeting Film "Think Bigger," in which he was called Chairman Budget and performed by Dave Goelz, he is best known for his role on "Muppets Tonight", where he received the name Carl and his new performer, Bill Barretta.

On "Muppets Tonight", Carl's stage name would change slightly from appearance to appearance, always starting with "Carl the Big Mean" but usually ending with a different appellation depending on what kind of act he was performing. But the acts, which ranged from Bagpipe-Eater to Ventriloquist, were usually just a cover for Carl's real intentions: to eat another character. Always a performer, though, Carl would usually end the with a triumphant "Thank you!"

He made six such appearances on "Muppets Tonight":

John Goodman episode: Carl the Big Mean Bagpipe-Eater Tony Bennett episode: Carl the Big Mean Bunny Whoopi Goldberg episode: Carl the Big Mean Ventriloquist The Artist Formerly Known as Prince episode: Carl the Big Mean Bubble Guy Paula Abdul episode: Carl the Big Mean Porcupine-Eater Andie MacDowell episode: Carl the Big Mean Psychic

Carl also appeared regularly in one the show's recurring UK Spots, the game show Swift Wits, in which he always ate the contestants. He also performed with the Smashing Pumpkins in the episode "The Gary Cahuenga Show" and was visited by his mother, Carla the Big Mean Mom, in the episode "Johnny Fiamma Leaves Home". Another appearance for this monster has been found on The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss episode "There is Nothing to Fear in Here as "The Grox". Though, it is a female and one of Sarah's problematic monsters who eat her accessories such as socks.

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