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Big Madam is an antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul. She is a powerful and influential Ghoul, with an extensive black market network. She was infamous for her abuse on abusing Juuzou Suzuya and even stripping his genital organs so he would became more feminine, which later resulting him became violent member of CCG.



Big Madam's personality is completely twisted, by taking pleasure in inflicting suffering on others. Examples include organizing both auctions of human "goods" and the brutal "Dinner Shows" of the Ghoul Restaurants, with absolutely no concern for the lives of others. However, Big Madam is also exceptionally cunning and ruthless, heading a massive underground network and escaped from all CCG's previous pursuits.

In dealing with Juuzou, Big Madam's personality showed the typical patterns of an abuser in alternating between affection and violence. When things went well, Big Madam was excitable and energetic, but when angered she would quickly become brutal and cruel. As typical of a villain, Big Madam wasn't above cowardly pleading or bargaining in an effort to escape harm, but would rapidly change moods at a moment's notice.


  • Big Madam's action in removing Juuzou's genital be compared with Ramsay Bolton's means to create eunuchs where both cases involving the male victim have their genital removed for purpose. But the purpose was different: The treatment for Juuzou was meant for him to became more feminine and using tongs, while the said treatment for eunuchs were so they depraved from any sexual desires and done by using a gelding knife.
  • Big Madam could arguably be the most vile villain in the Tokyo Ghoul series, due to the horrendous treatment of Juuzou Suzuya (such as removing his genitals).
  • After her death, Big Madam's birth sex is revealed to be male and she is referred to by Juuzou as "Father". It is unclear whether she was merely crossdressing as a disguise, as a game similar to what she did to Juuzou, or was actually a trans woman.

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