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Big Long Driller is the 5th mini-boss in Madworld.


Big Long Driller is a large creature with a elephant-like mask. He carries a drill for a weapon.


Big Long Driller made his first appearance in the second level in the Mad Castle level. He often appears out of nowhere and tries to kill Jack with his drill. During the Power Struggle, Drill tries to drill through Jack, but Jack uses his chainsaw to block Driller's drill. After Jack out-strengths Driller, he processes to cut Driller open, and sometimes even cuts Drillers head off. But most of the time, Driller will retreat underground so he doesn't get killed.

Big Long Driller also appeared in the Casino Level and the Tower Level. During the Tower Level, Driller also has two Big Bull Crockers teaming up with him and this time, Driller has nowhere to hide, so Jack can kill Driller.



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