Big Kamukamu (in Japanese: ビッグカムカム) is a mini-boss fought in one of the secret chapters of Wario Land II. It is a purple, spiked fish that attacks Wario and tries to eat him. After each hit, he will swim faster and become more enraged. After the third hit, he will turn red. The fourth and final hit will defeat the boss.

During the boss's first hit, it will charge Wario and rebound off the edge of the screen until it reaches the top of the water, at which point Wario can ram his jaw from below. During the next hit, he will not rebound off the wall, and on the third hit, he will only rise halfway up the water. On the final hit, he will change to red (on Game Boy Color) and not go up past halfway. He also will not cease chomping (where other times he would stop chomping and float down) and will continuously move back and forth. Wario must carefully time his hit and hit him in the tiny amount of chin he has that is not part of his mouth.