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Big joe

Big Joe is the right hand man to mob boss Frank D'Amico and serves as the tertiary antagonist of the 2010 film Kick-Ass.

Kick-Ass (2010)

As D'Amico's right hand, he informs him of all the constant attacks on his men and businesses, as well as the theft of D'Amico's cocaine, by two costumed superheroes, that both men erroneously believe to be the vigilante, Kick-Ass.

Joe and Frank however soon discover, from information gained by Frank's son Chris, that the ones truly resposible for the attacks are two vigilates known as Big Daddy and his daughter Hit-Girl. Eventually Chris D'Amico, under the guise of Red Mist, sets an ambush for Big Daddy wich results in Hit-Gril being shot out a window by Chris as well as both Big Daddy and Kick-Ass being captured by Joe and his men.

Later Joe sets up a live internet broadcast of him and his men torturing Kick-Ass and Big Daddy, by chaining them to chairs and repeatedly beating them with baseball bats, brass knuckles and Kick-Ass's own batons. Joe then prepares to burn the unfortunate pair of heroes alive in front of the whole world, when suddenly Hit-Girl, having survived being shot by Red Mist, shows up and shoots Joe square in the head before slaughtering the rest of his men and saving Kick-Ass. Even though he was killed, Joe and his men successfully killed Big Daddy as he was burned alive by the fire that one of the gangsters started, forcing Hit-Girl to watch her father die horribly.