Big gino HeyArnold
Big Gino is an antagonist of Hey Arnold! episode of the same name. He is a mafia boss of P.S. 118.

He is voiced by Cameron Van Hoy.

Physical Appearance

He is a kid brown hair, wearing a grey suite and pants and a white shirt underneath and a black collar.


Big Gino gives Sid boxes of candy and Sid sells them to get money for a rocking horse without paying Big Gino back for 50 dollars. In the present time, Sid becomes a member of Big Gino's mafia. But Arnold says that Sid and Gino are not friends while Gino overhears that. Later, everything Gino has gone for Sid, Gino favors Sid to give Arnold a swirlie, at the bathroom, Sid stood up for Arnold, and Gino gives Sid the swirlie instead of Arnold for his betrayal.