Big Bull Crocker (Madworld)
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Big Bull Crocker is a psychopathic villain, and the first mini-boss in the ultra-violent dystopian videogame known as Madworld. He also appears in Anarchy Reigns under the name "Big Bull" and has the role of an anti-hero.

Big Bull Crocker is a monstrous killer with a bull mask and a chainsaw. He's also a physical giant, capable of towering over Jack Cayman despite the fact Jack himself is a large individual.


After Jack earned enough point, Big Bull Crocker appears and searches around to kill Jack. He fights with a double chainsaw. During the Power Struggle, Crocker will try to kill Jack with his Double Chainsaw, but Jack blocks it with his chain saw. After Jack out-strengths Crocker, Jack processes to cut open Crocker, and on some occasion, Jack's chainsaw will break through Crocker's chainsaw and processed to cut off Crocker's head

Despite him being kill, Big Bull Crocker reappears again in the same level, and even in two other levels. It's possible that there are more Big Bull Cockers. During the Tower Level, another mini-boss name; Big Long Driller, team up with two Big Bull Crocker to kill Jack.

Anarchy Reigns

In Anarchy Reigns, Big Bull Crocker, now called "Big Bull", takes a more anti-heroic role, acting as one of Jack Cayman's allies. He is first seen in the bar at the beginning of the game, watching Jack leave the building. He and his gang of hoodlums eventually show up and challenge Jack to a fight, which Jack wins. Having been impressed by Jack, Big Bull makes him a member of his gang and wishes him farewell.

Big Bull appears again to help Jack out during one of his missions, at which point he becomes playable for a short time. After the battle, he is damaged and his gang carries him away.





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