Big Blag

C'mon into my lair, Big Blag's gonna stomp n' chomp ya!
~ Big Blag

Big Blag is a major recurring villain from the Battletoads series.

Big Blag is a huge hairy obese rodent, who acts as Dark Queen's right-hand and bodyguard along with Robo-Manus, also commanding her Mutant Ratpack. Big Blag loves bullying those smaller than him, and despite his weight is very agile, being able to do high jumps to stomp on his victims. He have a spiked ball on his tail which he uses to attack, and is also capable of inflating his body to grow into gigantic sizes.

Given his high position, Big Blag is always fought on later levels in the games, with the only exception being in the crossover Battletoads & Double Dragon, where he acts as the second level boss.