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Big Bad Bosses
♪I'm the boss! I'm the boss!
I'm very, very sorry for your loss!
I'm the boss! I'm the boss!
And just in case I didn't get my point across...♪
~ The song's main verse

The Big Bad Bosses are the main singers and main antagonists of the parody music videos, I'm The Boss and Angel by That One Video Gamer.

I'm the Boss

The song begins with heartless heartthrob, Sephy bragging about his infamy, showing off his collection of swords he presumably taken from fallen heroes, and his grudge against a certain demon lord. He then introduces his fellow baddies and band-mates, Big Bow, the tyrannical tough guy who owns a powerful castle filled with traps (but no princess), Ronik, the dynamic doctor with several tricks and a private army powered by small animals, and G-Cash, the serious sorcerer who possesses some sick skills as well as some sick magic. Together, they sing about how bossly they are while sarcastically apologizing, affirming their points, thwarting the heroes and warning anyone not to mess with them in a mighty boy band style.


In this video, Sephy was hanging out at a nightclub checking his phone until he spots a woman eyeing him from afar. Intrigued, he goes to her and ends up mesmerized by her dance moves. This causes his Limit gauge to spike, and he sees a flash of excitement her eyes so he takes her out to an remote house to have sex with her, where he then shows his true colors by summoning a meteor, shocking the woman as Sephy's band-mates chant strange lyrics while wearing black robes as the meteor is bound to destroy the planet. Realizing who her sex-mate was, she bounds to leave while Sephy feels remorse for his actions. However, the girl's friends appear to kill Sephy before he can destroy the world and she prepares to fight with them. Sephy then reveals his black angel wing and proceeds to unleash a can of whoopass on the men while summoning several deities to fight the girl. Sephy then calls his mom and tells her about his experience, and she tells him to finish them off. She then gives Sephy an army of look-a-likes to aid in his quest for world annihilation, but then he is confronted by his arch-enemy. His band-mates then begin chanting again, as well as several other final boss characters, and all their eyes suddenly resemble Sephy's. Sephy's enemy continues to cut through a horde of underlings, who also share Sephy's eyes, along with three other heroes, but in the end, they are all powerless as Sephy rides his meteor down to earth as his band-mates summon their own meteors as well. The video ends with the world being destroyed as the bosses smile at their victory.

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