Biff Wellington A.K.A Captain Skunkbeard is the secondary antagonist of Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy! Biff Wellington is a billionare who dressed up the evil ghost pirate, Captain Skunkbeard. 

Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy

Biff Wellington first appeared dressed like Captain Skunkbeard when he, Mr. Mysterio (in his Wooden Leg Wally costume) and their hencemen invaded (and supposedly sunk) Rupert Garica's boat. Later After Scooby-Doo and his friends had solved a bunch of mysteries on the mystery cruise to the Bremuda Triangle, planned by Fred Jones's parents Skip and Peggy Jones, (including three past Scooby-Doo monsters: The Ghost of Captain Cutler, The Ghost Clown and The Ghost of Slias Long) Wellington (without his costume) lands on the boat on a jetpack, planning to break a record. Later Wellington and Mysterio attack the cruise ship in their Captain Skunkbeard and Wooden Leg Wally costumes and kidnap some of the guests. Wellington/Skunkbeard even captures Fred's parents promoting the gang to save them. While wearing the Skunkbeard costume, Wellington demeands that Skip (who he thinks is Rupert, who survived the ship wreck, broaded the ship and switched clothes with Fred's dad) lead the pirates to something called the Heaven's light. Later when Scooby, Rupert, Fred, Shaggy Rogers, Velma Dinkley and Daphne Blake chase the pirate in the cruise ship, the pirates sink the ship. However Rupert and the Scooby gang survived and paddled to the island where Wellington/Skunkbeard and his goons had hidden Rupert's ship. When they found it, Wellington/Skunkbeard, Mysterio/Wally and their henchmen captured them and them back to their ship. Rupert notices the pirates have stolen his painting of stars. Wellington/Skunkbeard then grabs Rupert and orders him to take the pirates to the bremuda triangle. He reveals that he is The Heaven's Light a metoer that landed in the trinagle. It apparentaly holds the power of time travel which Wellington/Skunkbeard want. They soon reach the triangle and exarct the metor. Wellington/Skunkbeard then slashs it a little with his sword. However Scooby and his friends capture Wellington/Skunkbeard and some of the pirates. They then unmask Skunkbeard as Wellington who tells his whole plan. When Velma asks Wellington where he got his idea, Wooden Leg Wally says "From me!" and pulls of his mask, revealin that he is Mr. Mysterio. Mysterio says used Wellington to help him find the metor. He told he was the ancestor of a famous pirate. He says he wanted the heaven's light because it was soild gold and made him richer than Wellington. However Scooby dropped the metor back in the water. Wellington and Mysterio are last seen taken out of their ghost pirate costumes and tied up together.