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Biff Beefy Box/Cloggy Colon Creature: (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) Also known as Captain Beefy Box, this seemingly friendly alien is the manager and mascot of Wonder Fun Meat World, an intergalactic fast food restaurant chain. but in truth, Biff Beefy Box's real form is Cloggy Colon Creature, a gigantic Anthropomorphic Colon monster that wants to get people fat with its meat products so it can devour them, as humans are the "ultimate fast food" on his home planet (monkeys are a delicacy there as well). It arrives at Shuggazoom City with its store of meat (and meat characters: Big Meat Cone, Meat-cicle, etc.) Eating the meat hypnotizes so they continue eating more and more, like an obsession, making the human (and monkey) body complacent to its power. In the end, its plan was discovered and its true form revealed. It was defeated by the non-eaten Shuggazoomians and launched into the sun by the Super Robot. The Cloggy Colon Creature made an appearance in Season 4, where it was revealed that he currently resides in the prison on Ranger 7 with Sakko. However, before that, he was mentioned by Antauri (along with Cheese-Bot) in "A Man Called Krinkle".