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Bidybab is a pair of small animatronics and the major antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. They first appear on Night 2.


Both are small, baby-like animatronics with a pale tan colored exterior and each of the two have different colored eyes - one with light purple eyes and other with blue-green eyes (better seen in Baby's image from the Extra menu). They sport a triangular-shaped orange nose, squarish teeth in a similar style of the nutcracker, five-fingered hands, smaller ears, and wearing a single button from the middle of their chest.


  • From the fourth teaser for the game, there are seven Bidybabs. In the final product, however, are seemingly only two of them.
  • Bidybabs are one of few the animatronics from the game not to appear in the Extra menu on their own, the other being Minireena.
    • However, though they don't have an entry of their own, they still can be seen in Baby's image.
  • Bidybabs are some of the shortest animatronics from the entire series, others being BB, Plushtrap, Nightmare Freddy's Freddles, and Minireena.
  • On rare occasions, the player can see Bidybab appear for a split second in the left or right window from the Elevator before disappearing again.


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