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Bido is a minion of Bojack and one of the two tertiary antagonists of the Dragon Ball Z movie, Bojack Unbound.


Bido was the powerhouse of Bojack's crew of henchmen, Bujin, Kogu, and Zangya. After Bojack was freed from the seal of the Kais, Bido and his fellow minions followed their boss to Earth, where they took control of a martial arts tournament hosted by a billionaire for his son. Bido took on the only normal fighter to make it to the finals, Dosukoi, and managed to strangle and kill him. When the Z Fighters attempted to fight Bojack, Bido took on Yamcha and Tien with help from Bujin and Zangya. He was eventually killed along with Bujin when Gohan entered his Super Saiyan 2 form and used a punch and a kick to split them in half, vaporizing their body instantly.


Bido possesses superhuman abilities and the ability to manipulate energy in the form of flight and energy blasts. He often fights alongside Bujin, attacking people that Bujin ensnares with his energy needles.

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