Bianco Angelos

The Bianco Angelos

A demon; it possessed the Order's armor, that's not a good sign...
~ Nero after defeating one of the Bianco Angelos who possessed the symbolic armor of the Order of the Sword.

The Bianco Angelos (ビアンコ アンジェロス, Bianko Anjerosu) (Italian for "White Angels" (ウィト アンジェルス, Wito Anjerusu)) are the elite squadron of artifical demons with the appearance of mechnical angelic knights created by the Order of the Sword and enemies in Devil May Cry 4.

Creation of the Bianco Angelos

The Bianco Angelos are an artificial type of demons made and designed by Agnus. Agnus captured countless demons and harnessed their souls to inhabit the armor. Wearing armor bearing the crest of the Order of the Sword and made from fragments of Nelo Angelo, this hollow shell is animated by the souls of humans and demons that have been captured by Agnus.

The Bianco Angelo carries a lance with a throttle system similar to the Red Queen blade, and a shield which it can transform into wings with which to fly. The Bianco Angelo have no real self, and follow the Order's commands with mechanical precision.

Attack of the Bianco Angelos

One of Bianco Angelos is first introduced within the Library of Fortuna Castle, where Nero initially believes it to be an ally until it attacks. They are used by Sanctus as foot-soldiers after his Ascension Ceremony. After awakening The Savior, Sanctus has demons released from the true Hell Gate, and then sends the Angelos and The Savior to slay them in order to prove them to the townspeople.

In the "Angel Creation" laboratory of the Order's research facility, several Holy Knights are seen inside the cages; the Knights are in a trance-like state, suggesting that their souls have been sucked out for the process in which they are transformed into the Alto Angelos, the most elite of the "Angelos". Also, an Alto Angelo armor is seen in the laboratory bathing in the same eerie, greenish light as the Knights in the cages. After his Ascension Ceremony, Sanctus acts through an Alto Angelo, until Dante destroys the armor and it is revealed that Sanctus's true body lies within the Savior.

The Bianco Angelos were seen fighting alongside the Order's Alto Angelos upon the invading demons that came through the Hell Gate during their siege on the town of Fortuna before the Savior was destroyed and the Bianco Angelos were no more.

Powers and Abilities

Both the Bianco and Alto Angelos both have a "life core" on their neck, chest and back depicting how much life the Angelo has. It starts out with blue signifying that the Angelo has full health. When the Angelo is damaged, it slowly changes color. When it starts blinking red, the Angelo is nearing death and will be shattered in the next hits.

The Bianco Angelos are sufficient in flying with such mechnical percision and they wield lances with a throttle system similar to the Red Queen blade used by Nero, a member of the Order of the Sword.

Bianco Angelos are easily outmatched by Nero's Charged Shots and Dante's Devil Trigger. When they guard, their backs are vulnerable as well. Do not keep attacking their shields with melee attacks as they immediately counterattack. If their shields are destroyed, they are stunned and completely vulnerable to any attack other than normal gunfire. When they charge toward you in the air, it is possible to attack them in the air and, if timed well, this will do quite amount of damage to them.

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