Bianca Forest was a minor antagonist in Season 1 of American Horror Story.

Bianca is portrayed by Mageina Tovah.


Bianca poses as a patient of Ben Harmon's. During their session, she tells him that she has a recurring dream of being cut in half while trying to escape a stuck elevator. She mentions to him that she discovered his house was on the "murder house tour". After their session, she claims to get lost trying to find her way out of the house.

Later, Bianca appears at the house as one of the Franklin Murder re-creators. She hid the Harmons' cell phones. She eats the ipecac-spiked cupcake and gets sick. As she is very sick, she calls out for her friends to take her to the hospital, but Tate soon hits her in the torso with an axe. Detectives later tell the Harmons that Bianca was found dead six blocks from the house, "nearly cut in half". They suspect she was killed by her fellow murder re-enactors who "tried to do Black Dahlia on her".

Unlike her fellow accomplices Fiona and Dallas, Bianca does not appear in Murder House as a ghost because she did not die on the actual property.


  • It should be noted that Bianca died in a way similar to her alleged dream, bisected at the waist.