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Bianca Dupree

Bianca Dupree is the main antagonist in Beverly Hills Teens. She has been scheming to ruin the life of her rival, Larke Tanner, but with no success.

Both girls have a crush on the local jock, Troy Jeffries, and Bianca will do anything to make sure Larke doesn't have him. On the day of the midnight ball, Bianca dispatches her pet poodle, Empiress, to tear up Larke's homework assignment, because she knew that nobody may enter the ball without a complete exam. After the task was done, Larke thought her own cat, Tiara, was responsible. And for precautions, Bianca courageously crossed Larke's name of the guest list. However, thanks to the boy genius, Chester, and the 82 people who chose not to vote for Bianca, the plan backfired.

Another attempt was the race for Homecoming Queen. Bianca succeeds in getting the winning point for talent by knocking down all other contest while dancing, but when voting resulted in a tie between herself and Larke, some drastic measures had to be taken. So Bianca orders her lackey chauffeur, Wilshire Brentwood, to distract the beautician, Fifi, so Bianca would take her place, and give the blindfolded Larke a terrible makeover. Ultimately, Larke's supposedly frightening turquoise beehive wins everyone over; even Troy finds the weird hairdo very beautiful, much to Bianca's dismay.