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Stop hand

Click to help Cruella!
This scum Bhaltazar (smurfs)
is driving Cruella insane!
So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
or he will send Darth Vader to terminate you.


Bhaltazar is the cousin of gargamel !
Lord Balthazar

He didn't belive that smurfs exist until he saw them !

He's weapon was a strong and massive gun !

He lived in a big castel !

He's pet was a red , giant water dragon !

He never respected he's promisses to gargamel !

He never helped gargamel !

He's palace was full of traps !

He woden't ezit to kill someone !

He has a niece called Agnes who seem nicer then him and Gargamel !

He never believe in The Smurfs existence until he see them and know they really exist he also tried to capture them !

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