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Beverly Sutphin is a serial killer and the main protagonist/antagonist of the movie Serial Mom. She is the wife of a dentist and has 2 teenage children. She stays at home as a housewife while her husband works. Beverly kills people who she thinks that did her and her family wrong.

She was portrayed by Katheleen Turner.


Beverly is a not-so ordinary housewife who lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her two children and her husband. From her apperance, she looks to be a nice, friendly, and wholesome woman. However, beneath her sweet personality, she has an extremely bad temper. Anyone who she feels does her or her family wrong, she becomes obsessed with trying to inact revenge. This is first seen when her neighbor, Dottie Hinkle, takes a Beverly's parking space at the store. Beverly becomes enraged, and starts harrassing her and makes obscene phone calls to Dottie. Beverly has an unusual obsession with serial killers. She reads a lot of true crime novels, as well as having personal contact with a handful of killers, including Ted Bundy.

Beverly begins her killing spree when her son's teacher, Mr. Stubbins, tells her that her son needs therapy. Beverly loses her temper and runs him over with her car.

Beverly continues her murder spree, when she kills her daughter's ex-boyfriend (who cheated on her) with a fireplace poker.

She continues her murder spree, killing anyone who she feels is an enemy of her family. She is finally caught and put on trial. However, she manipulates the witnesses of the prosecution in several different ways, and ends up being cleared of all charges. In the last scene, she brutally attacks and killed one of the jurors who found her innocent because she is wearing white shoes after Labor Day.

Murder Victims



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