Bev Conklin

The evil Bev Conklin

Bev Conklin was the villainess from "The Curse of Hampton Manor," the second segment of the Season Three opener of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction.

She was played by the late Mary Frann.

Bev Conklin was an unscrupulous realtor looking to sell a lavish house on Hampton Manor. She knew that the house was cursed (the last five owners met with untimely deaths), but to make sure the house sells, the villainous Bev never mentions the curse, despite warnings from her assistant, Gina. Bev managed to sell the home to Don, a stockbroker, and his wife Martha, and within a week, Bev was visited by Don, who was a complete wreck. Since buying the home, Don's stocks collapsed, Martha left him, and he developed an ulcer. Don begged Bev to buy the house from him, with the fear that he'll die if he remains there for another day. Bev does so, but only for $300,000—less than half of what Don paid her. Later that evening, Bev talks to Gina on the phone while bathing, boasting about how great the house looks and scoffing at the concept of it being cursed. During her conversation, however, a wave of electricty travels to the receiver and electrocutes Bev, killing her.


  • Mary Frann's appearance as Bev Conklin was her final role. She passed away on September 23, 1998; under two years before her episode aired on May 19, 2000.
  • The story was revealed as fact at the end of the segment; based on the cursed Helmsley Manor, where Harry and Leona Helmsley resided right before their empire crumbled.