Betty The Queen of the Ants is a one-shot villain from the 1994 animated series, The Tick. She is a super intelligent ant queen who is able to control and manipulate billions if not trillions of ants effortlessly, and prompt them to do her bidding. Super intelligence and human speech are her only special abilities, and she is no larger than an ordinary ant queen.

Crime description

Betty is the primary antagonist of the episode Ants in Pants. She has a standard world conquest goal, but what makes her unique is that she and her minions are ants. They act in unison to take various forms to attack their enemies and disguise themselves. It is while she and her minions are disguised as humans that they first encounter the Tick. Believing them to be ordinary robbers, the Tick pursues the ants, only to see them pour out of the clothes which they are using as a disguise. This traumatizes the Tick and causes him to seek therapy, leaving the the job of defending the city to Arthur, Sewer Urchine, and a few other heroes. During that time, it is revealed that Betty has created a giant magnifying glass, poised to focus the sunlight into a powerful heat ray to poetically avenge ants who have met similar fates, and hold the human race at her mercy. The Tick overcomes his fear, as he discovers that he was never actually afraid of ants themselves, but merely the fact that this particular group of ants was disguised as a human. He returns to help his friends and traps Betty in a mason jar, cutting off her communication with the other ants.