Betsumon (Digimon)

Betsumon is a minor villain in the 3rd season of Digimon Fusion.


Betsumon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that resembles a comedic cosplay monster that wears usually a Gatomon suit. Betsumon also has the ability to disguise himself into any Digimon he wants including Angemon, Astamon, AxeKnightmon, Examon, Monitormon, Omnimon, Pandamon, Persiamon, Shoutmon and Stingmon.

Digimon Fusion season 3

In the past, Betsumon used to be Gumdramon's friend and partner in crime, until Betsumon escaped, abandoning Gumdramon for him to be caught. Betsumon even lost his memories of Gumdramon. Betsumon eventually came to the Human World in order to gather clothing to build more costumes to cosplay with, focusing on kidnapping Digimon hunters in order to help him complete his masterpiece Examon costume. Gumdramon Digivolved to Arresterdramon to fight Betsumon in his Examon disguise. Betsumon was then defeated, and Tagiru captured him, thus restoring Betsumon's memories.


  • Cold Gag
  • Tsukkomi Punch
  • Copied Attacks
    • Grey Sword
    • Rock Damashi
    • Hellfire
    • Twin Spear
    • Smoke Bombs
    • Pendragon's Glory