The Bestiamorph Army are the servants of Circe in the game DC Universe Online. Possessing mystical strength and abilities, these beasts were once humans, mostly men and women, who have fallen under Circe's sorcery. Now trapped in primitive and primal forms, these "bestiamorphs" serve their queen with unquestioning loyalty and devotion.

Role in DC Universe Online

The bestiamorphs are sent by Circe in her fights against Wonder Woman and her amazons. If the player is using a Hero, he must, in most of the missions, defeat them, prevent them from turning others into bestiamorphs and trap them. But if the player is using a Villain, he must release or heal them, assist them against the amazons, and transform the amazons into bestiamorphs.

Known bestiamorphs

General Tethytus

This Bestiamorph Marauder is encountered by the players in the Metro Station Building during the mission "Giganta Girl", where a Hero must rescue Wonder Girl from Giganta. Also, in the mission "Mirror Mirror...", he must be defeated in order to take the Mirror of Narcisus.


The minotaur is a part of the Hero mission "Bounty: Minotaur". Like any bounty mission, he must be defeated by a group of players. He also appears as a mini-boss before the fight against Circe.

Liutenant Palladar

He is a Bestiamorph Berserker that appears in Tomorrow District, he instructs the Villain players about the mission "Reflections..."

The Player

During the boss fight when Wonder Woman and Circe are battling each other, Circe will turn the player into a bestiamorph berserker. If the player is a hero, Wonder Woman will free his soul and, still as a bestiamorph, he will assist her to prevent the other bestiamorphs from taking exobytes away. If the player is a villain, Wonder Woman won't do anything and he will assist Circe by preventing the amazons from taking the exobytes.

Types of Bestiamorph

  • Berserkers - these are bestiamorphs in the form of Rhinos, they are the strongest of the bestiamorphs.
  • Marauders - these are bestiamorphs in the form of Warthogs, they attack with magic and are the weakest of the bestiamorphs.
  • Raveners - these are bestiamorphs in the form of Lions, they have slashing attacks and can be strong if they are accompanied.
  • Spellbound Amazons - these are amazons converted into bestiamorph by magic when the Villain player attacks them.