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I am the Shade.
~ Bertrand Zobrist

Bertrand Zobrist is the tertiary antagonist in Dan Brown's novel Inferno and its 2016 film adaptaion. He is a billionaire transhumanist scientist whose bent on solving the world's population problem. He actually doesn't appear physically in the story because of his suicide prior the events of the film as well as the book. Therefore, he is appearing only in flashbacks of other characters like the Provost. He is supposedly the main antagonist of the book at first. But this is part of a misinformation campaign to hiding the true main villain.

In the film adaptaion, Zobrist is portrayed by Ben Foster who also portrayed Mars, Charlie Prince, Steve McKenna and Sebastian Abney.


Bertrand is a brilliant scientist and a madman who is obsessed with Dante's Inferno. he intends to solve the world's overpopulation problem by releasing a virus.

He approached his colleague Dr Sinskey on his population control scheme, but she dismissed him for being a madman. He had agents from the World Health Organization and the Consortium at his heels. He drove himself underground beneath Florence because of the hatred he was garnering. Zobrist contacted his employees through webcam, using the Dante death mask as his cover. He said he had no fear of death and would end up like Jesus as a matyr and that he was only trying to save humanity, not kill it. He named himself "the Shade" because of his suicidal views and his ability to remain invisible. When the Consortium pursued him through Florence one morning, he got up to a church roof, then said they would never find his virus. With that, he stepped off the roof to his death.