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The Bersekers of Ares were a powerful army in the story of the Saint Seiya series, but, never were shown in an anime.

They were warriors that were killed in the Athena's Coliseum, and after, become ghosts that with Ares, tried defeat Athena in a holy war. The Bersekers, almost defeated Athena's army, so, she allowed the Libra Weapons to be used and with this, Ares was defeated and the Bersekers were sealed under the Coliseum.

They are bloodthirsty, use weapons to fight, and have some women between they, because Enyo is a goddess.

The 4 Commanders

Probably, each one of they leads his own battalion.

  • Enyo
  • Deimos
  • Phobos
  • Anteros


There is 4 Battalions in this army and each one has a leader and a kind of power:

  • Flame: Has fire powers.
  • Fire: Unknown dates.
  • Terror: Unkown dates.
  • Calamity: Unknown dates.

Lost Canvas

Jamadhar Ema and Buhj Kokalo appears in the gaiden of Aspros. They were of the flame battalion.