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Berserker Preadator

The Berserker Predator is the true titular main antagonist of the 2010 film Predators and one of the most brutal members of the Predators species - though it is worth noting the Berserker Predator's behavior is abnormal for its species and it lacks much of the honor that the Predators are known for in other additions to the franchise.

The Berserker Predator is a member of the Super Predator clan, who value hunting strong prey to prove their worth and are naturally more aggressive than other types of Predators, however the Berseker Predator took this aggression to a new level and was even seen crucifying smaller Predators in sadistic torture as well as utilizing fear and terror on its victims.

The Berserker Predator also happily attacked injured or unarmed prey, something that mainstream Predators find objectionable.

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