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The Berserker Predator is the main antagonist of the 2010 live action film, Predators. He is the leader of Yautja Super Predator trio and responsible for also abducted humans and other dangerous game for other Super Predators' Hunts.


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The Berserker is a cruel, ruthless, traitorous, psychopathic, aggressive, and sadistic monster. He disregards his species' traditional warrior code, seeing it as needless red tape. He also appears to attack always when he has the advantage. This can be seen during the Berserker's final moments, where he does not bother to remove his equipment when engaging both the Crucified Predator and Royce. He is also very arrogant, egotistical, and overconfident, even by Predator standards, allowing Isabelle to shoot and distract him when he could just have killed Royce in a few blows, given his enhanced strength.

His sadism and merciless personality is not only what led to his downfall, but also implied that his kind disgusted with him enough to labeled him as Bad Blood (Yautja whom refuse to receive punishment for brought dishonor to his people).


The Berserker is extremely skilled with weaponry and tracking as much as his brethren, as he easily killed several advesaries in seconds. He also physically strong and durable, as he easily defeated Crucifixed predator and battered Royce whom managed to keep up with him as well as survived grenade explosion without much discomfort.

His weakness however, is his pride and dependant on brute strength than intelligence more than his kind. Whereas other predator uses tactics both in fighting worthy prey and testing their foes' determination against them, Berserker Predator more rely on brute strength that he didn't expect other foes that can outsmart him.