I am the cruelest witch in the world. I will make any opponent of mine surrender without fail. Even if that opponent is the Endless Witch Beatrice. So you must do your best as well. You won't bore me, will you?
~ Bernkastel

Bernkastel, also known as The Witch of Miracles, is the main antagonist who appears in the Umineko no naku koro ni series.


She is one of the cruelest witches in the universe. She is a Voyager, a type of Witch that has the ability to travel into Kakeras (fragments of realities of universes). After defeating the witch Lambdadelta the Witch of Certainty, Bernkastel is known as the most powerful witch in the universe. She came upon the game Beatrice the Golden Witch has played and decided to stay to ease her boredom.


Throughout Beatrice's game, Bernkastel creates a piece out of living beings and puts them on the gameboard Rokkenjima, in order to ensure Beatrice's defeat in her game against Battler Ushiromiya. Her Pieces are:

  • Ange Ushiromiya- Battler's sister, Ange was the new Beatrice and was given the task to keep Battler from resigning or giving up on Beatrice's game.
  • Erika Furudo- a detective, who was washed onto the shores of the island Rokkenjima, after entertaining Bernkastel, she gave her the title Witch of Truth.
  • Claire Vaux Bernardus- created with Yasu's personality and as a host to Beatrice's rules of the game. She was also created to narrate the Beatrice's 7th game.
  • Willard H. Wright- a detective manipulated by Bernkastel to find out Beatrice's murder for her own twisted amusement.




  • Her appearance and mannerisms are quite similar to Rika Furude, the ultimately true main protagonist of Higurashi no naku koro ni which is the predecessor series of Umineko no naku koro ni. They both have the same voices.
  • Her name is also taken from Rika's alter ego, Frederica Bernkastel.
  • It has been mentioned that she at one time was Rika. In each world that Rika died in, a piece of energy was left every time she started over. Those pieces of energy later came together, and formed Bernkastel.
  • Her revelence in laughing about making other people suffer for her amusement earns her a reputation as a troll among fans. She even has her own nickname "Trollkastel."


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