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Berine Rose is one of the main villains of 2011 film Drive. He is ruthless mobster who hired the nameless driver to steel the money.


Bennie was a mobster who is aslo a movie producer along with his best friend Nino who impresssed the Driver's driving skills which lead to joined the group and purchase a money who demeined Shannon for their money so Shannon's friend The Driver argged to robbed along with Standard Gabriel whose debt needing protection money for his family after being beat up by gangster. Bennie found out that Nino orsictsed heist along with Chris Cook , the money was belog to East Coast mob and kills Nino for beartyed him for joined Italian Mob. As Rose promised The Driver for exchange for Irene's and Benicio's safety but as The Driver handled the money, Rose stab the Driver in the abdomen, before The Driver kills Rose for good.

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