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~ Bernie shouting at Bubbles for saying that they met him only yesterday.

Bernie Bernstein is a minor antagonist in The Powerpuff Girls and the main antagonist of the episode Film Flam. He is a criminal who owns a film company.


He had Professor Utonium sign a contract to put the Powerpuff Girls in his movie. He told the Mayor he wants to use the bank's money in the movie for reality's sake.

When he said that he has known the Powerpuff Girls for years, Bubbles corrected him that they only met him yesterday, which angered Bernie, telling Bubbles to keep her mouth shut. When the Professor watched this scene at home, he was angry and went to talk to Bernie for yelling at his daughter. After finding Bernie's trailer, he found out Bernie was really scheming to steal money from the bank in Townsville during his work on a film about the Powerpuff Girls.

Professor disguised himself and told the girls but he was not believed until it was revealed that Bernie had no film in his camera or had a script. Bernie revealed his true colors by holding the mayor captive and driving off.

After chasing Bernie, who nervously held The Mayor at gunpoint, through the streets before he crashed. Utonium confronted him as he tried to explain himself but Utonium punched Bernie for his actions, knocking him out, as well as breaking his glasses. Bernie was arrested and sent to jail afterwards.