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Berkeley Beetle
Hiya Toots! Beetle's my name and Razzmatazz is my game. How you doin'? How ya feelin'? Everything Ok?
~ Beetle introducing himself to Thumbelina
Berkeley Beetle is the secondary antagonist in the movie Thumbelina. He becomes the henchman of Grundel Toad. He is a beetle who works with four other beetles and calls himself a "connoissuer of sweet nectars, a designer of rare threads, and a judge of beautiful women".

Berkeley is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, who also played Iago from Aladdin, and sung by Randy Crenshaw.

Berkeley first meets Thumbelina, and recruits her to be in his live stage show for bugs, offering to possibly use his wings to help her return home to her mother if she does so. She performs at his show, disguised as an insect. However, when it becomes clear to the bug audience that she is not really an insect, they laugh at her and heckle her as "Ugly." Berkeley takes their comments to heart and promptly abandons Thumbelina.

He is saying to Grundel Toad about how he doesn't know where Thumbelina is. His wings were taken away by Grundel in a way of bribing him to find and capture the fairy prince Cornelius, whom is also trying to find Thumbelina and is also in love with her as she is back to him. He finds Cornelius frozen underwater. When he finds Grundel, he is pleased that the prince is dead. But he still had to find Thumbelina. When he told Grundel about her being forced to marry Mr. Mole, he told Grundel to rescue her but he had to come along, even though he also pointed out that Mr. Mole kills beetles, stuffs them and pins them to his wall. In the climax, Berkeley tries to catch Thumbelina for Grundel as she leaves the wedding. But when the Fairy Prince arrived - Grundel is enraged that Berkeley failed to kill him, and knocks the Beetle out by humorously bashing his head in and battles Cornelius. In the credits, he is shown to have returned to his normal, popstar life and got his wings back. It was likely that Berkeley Beetle reformed and join Thumbelina, Prince Cornelius and the good side for good.


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