I want the data on the Maverick Hunters. The more they fight, the stronger they would become, thus better data would be acquired. You must have noticed how dangerous it is to fight both of them at the same time
~ Berkana
I admire your speeches. But now, allow me to test the result of my experiment on you. Let me see who is the strongest Reploid! This is my final experiment.
~ Berkana before her battle.

Berkana is one of the main antagonists of the 2001 Game Boy Color Mega Man Xtreme 2. She is a mysterious wizard-like reploid who wants to become the most powerful Reploid using the Reploid DNA Souls, and is the one responsible behind the Erasure incident. She is only fought when playing as X.


Very little is known about Berkana's past. It is unknown her who creator was, why she was created, and when she was created. She works with Reploid research and development. There she created her very own right-man, Gareth.

She is first encounter about half way through the game, where she was revealed to be the mastermind behind the Erasure incident in Laguz Island. As X & Zero defeats the 8 guardians, Berkana begins to show interest in the two Maverick Hunters. Gareth, however, begin to worry about how powerful they are, and suggested to defeat them quickly. Berkana, however, rejects the idea, saying she is more interested in researching them rather than fighting them.

Once X and Zero find the two Soul Erasure, X confronted her. There she reveals her plans to become the strongest Reploid using the DNA Souls. She fought X in a intense battle, but was ultimately defeated and destroyed. After her demise, the DNA souls begins to return to the bodies of various Reploids, and the Reploids slowly begins to come back to life.


  • It is possible that she is named after the norse rune Berkanan.
  • She is one of the very few female antagonist in the Mega Man franchise.